About Us

We are a fully BOC accredited facility, meeting all DME accreditation standards and requirements, at the same location, since 1998, with all necessary licenses, including but not limited to being a member of the Academy of Orthotics & Prosthetics and certified by the American Board of Certification of Orthotics & Prosthetics, with continued education. Our mission and goals have always been to provide excellence in service, continuous quality improvement, to improve client satisfaction constantly and refine service and delivery to most effectively meet client needs, wants and expectations. Maintaining a high standard with a team of professionals who are fully and appropriately trained and sophisticated; from Administrator, clerical support staff, as well as delivery personnel with full knowledge of products- trained and certified- and fluent in English, Armenian, Spanish and Russian. We constantly monitor and maintain a company compliant policy program, with standards and regulations relating to patient care, equipment installation and maintenance, inspection and testing of equipment, service and repair contracts etc. We have contracts with major vendors and provide medical supplies raging from incontinence supplies, Orthotics and Prosthetic products, Diabetic products and supplies, manual and power wheelchairs, Air Mattresses, Hospital Beds, etc. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to all our patients.